PPR Re-Draft Tiers (Updated: 9/4/16)

Over the past three months I have completed dozens of drafts and built numerous teams from different angles.

Last year, a good deal of my MFL10 (best ball) teams faltered because I hammered running backs early in literally the worst year ever to do so. I’ve learned from my poor diversification this year and have decided to take multiple approaches in team building. I have drafted balanced teams, full-on zero running back squads, TE-early rosters, TE-heavy teams and one QB-early squad.

However, I keep running into one common theme in draft rooms: Tight ends are very mispriced. Over the past three seasons, 6.7 tight ends on average outscore the cumulative WR30 in PPR points. Just 2-3 tight ends are off the board before the WR30 in MFL10s (PPR scoring). I have taken two tight ends in the first seven rounds multiple times to expose this inefficiency.

While these tiers do not have specific overall ranks attached to them, I like to group players in pockets based on market value.

Here is a download link if you would prefer to print out the Tiers sheet. 

Note: If multiple players are in the same tier, it means I value them similarly. All of the tiers below are with PPR-scoring in mind. The positional number on the right-hand side is the consensus FantasyPros’ ADP. Finally, a red highlight on a particular player means I am much lower on him than the consensus; a green highlight shows I am a lot higher on him than the market is.

I will update the link embedded below a few times leading up to September 8th:


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